Flavel brings in many new products which features differently and each of which are unique in style and design. This model is a great competitor to many of the outstanding models in the market and it shows itself with the silver finish housing. The highlight of this model is that it runs 100cm in width, consists of 8 burners, conventional oven, the fan oven and even the grills. The following is the review of Flavel FN10FRSP Dual Fuel Range Cooker which gives you more details of its functions.


This model in the dimension of 900mm in height, 1000mm in width and 600mm in depth. This double oven range cooker functions with the dual fuel. The height of the appliance is adjustable as it comes with the adjustable feet making it easy to install on any floor conditions. The ovens does have glass door and all the four cavities are been equipped with the drop down doors with the handles that are horizontal. In this dual fuel operation the ovens are electric and the hobs are functioned with the gas fuel. This is an all together a freestanding construction.

Hob and its features:

Flavel FN10FRSP Freestanding Range Cooker is been equipped with the 8 burner hob of which 2 are simmer, 4 are of standard size and 2 others are for rapid burners. The hob does consist of 4 enamel pan supports which are dishwasher safe. The simmer burners can be used to slow cook the food and it is also suitable for the delicate food stuffs. The standard burners are for the standard cooking which comes with the medium flame. The rapid burners are the ones that are apt for quick boiling and more commonly used for the hard food stuffs.

Ovens and its features:

This model comes with the double oven which is a combination of different use with different performance. The left oven is the conventional type which is suitable for the general cooking and the right oven is the fan oven. It also comes with the separate grills for the professional use and to obtain the classic toast of the grills.

Product features:

The ovens consists of 5 shelf adjustments which gives added flexibility as it can combine the two as one and can also split the one into two. It has LED minute minder which gives audible signal on the completion of the programme. The ovens consist of the enamel liners which keeps the stains away during the splashes and spills.

The hob features with the automatic ignition which lights up the hob in just a twist of the knob. It comes with the FSD flame supervision device. This ensures the safety of the appliance. It works automatically by sensing the flame that goes out and it instantly cuts off the gas supply. This is an enhanced safety which is a must to such appliance.

Added to these is the presence of the storage compartment that operated with the drop down door and it can be used to store the pots and cooking accessories.  Flavel FN10FRSP Silver Finish Range Cooker does come with the automatic illumination during the functioning of the ovens or when the door is been opened.

Energy efficiency:

Both the ovens show the energy efficiency of grade ‘B’ which is about 30% better than the lower grade.

Flavel FN10FRSP Range Cooker – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Flavel
Model Name FN10FRSP Dual Fuel Range Cooker
Finish Silver
Fuel Dual fuel
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 900 x 1000 x 600 mm
Range Cooker Type Freestanding
Highlights Double oven
Separate grill
Gas hob
Dishwasher safe enamel pan
Main oven Conventional oven on the left side
Second oven Fan oven on the right side
Grill Separate grills
Door Double glazed for both ovens
Drop down door
Ignition Automatic
Gas burners 8 of which 2 are simmer burners, 4 standard burners
and 2 rapid burners
Flame safety device Yes
Pan support Cast iron
Adjustable feet Yes
Clock 24-hour
Storage draw Yes
Energy efficiency Left oven – ‘B’
Right oven – ‘B’
Controls LED electronic programmer